Urban nesting, self made nests within the city

How we live within urban environments is of interest to me, not only as a person but also as a designer. This thesis is an investigation into how different modes of living affect our day-to-day well-being.
In today’s society, the average person has to make do with a small living space at a high price, in a densly populated area.This leaves little opportunity for taking a moment to be ‘alone’ in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
In the lack of having such a physical place of retreat, we often escape to our ‘online nests’ and use this virtual place of residence to represent our identities to a larger degree than our traditional homes do.
When the hustle and bustle of the city gets too intense and we have a natural reaction to take a ‘time out’, where does one go when our place of familiarity is half virtual and half ‘real’? Is it possible to physically create an independent space for yousrelf within a city – a place which offers a moment for contemplation?
I have created a proposal for ‘urban nests’ that responds to the perhaps, unrecognised, wishes, needs and longings of city dwellers. Bridging the gap between our virtual and physical homes, I am providing people with their own personal place of retreat without having to leave the city – a moment of peace amidst the noise.

Urban nestin, self made nests within the city. from Shame on Vimeo.

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